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Assembly Process

IOQ:Our IQC workers will QC all of the watch accessoires,check the color,size,logo,movement,battery and so on,keep all of the accessoires are correct. Then Accessoires warehouse will send the accessoires to workers,please check below assemble process :

1. Fixed the dial foot,then put the dial foot into movement hole;
2. Fixed the hand to the movement;
3. Using blowing gun to clean the dust on the dial or glass;
4. Assembling the dial and the hands,movement and battery,movement holder into the case;
5. Assembling the crown;
6. Press the caseback;
7. Entered the QC process, check the appearance, check the watch if work ;
8. Tested of waterproof function ;
9. Fixed the straps.
10.Checked the complete watch again;
11.Packing and shipping.